Water Pollution Is An Ever Growing Problem Essay

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Our planet earth is covered in water, more precisely 71% of earth’s surface is covered with water (Perlman & USGS, n.d.). With this large amount of water present one would think that water pollution is not something that needs to be considered. This in fact is untrue, water pollution is an ever growing problem that our planet is facing. One form of pollution that is on the rise is nutrient loading. Nutrient loading is a becoming a large problem in waterways throughout the world both in freshwater and marine systems. Because this issue is rapidly increasing, the sustainability of these aquatic systems should be addressed more prominently to prevent the process of eutrophication that occurs consequently of nutrient loading.

What exactly is nutrient loading? According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Nutrient pollution is the process where too many nutrients, mainly nitrogen and phosphorus, are added to bodies of water and can act like fertilizer, causing excessive growth of algae (Oceanic & Administration, 2009). There are two sources that cause nutrient loading, point source and nonpoint source pollution. Nonpoint source pollution is pollution that does not come from a specific source but rather originates from many different places or from a wide spread area (“Sources of pollution - UF clean water campaign,” 2016). There are four main sources that contribute to nonpoint source pollution; agricultural practices, residential areas,
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