Water Pollution Is The Second Most Important Pollution Facing Us After Air Pollution

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Nearly two million people die from drinking dirty water, and after 15 years the whole world might be in a place where clean fresh water won’t be available for everyone. Even fresh water is be being polluted by Huge companies in the U.S. as they have faced many complaints about the dangers that the throw in rivers and streams. In 2013, Williams Energy Company spilled thousands of gallons of gas and oil near Parachute, Colorado. A local guy told the Denver post that this leak isn’t the first one, and that when they happen it’s often kept a secret. Water is a human right for every one, if we start wasting that right it will eventually come back to us, and we will regret wasting that water one day. (Ludwig, M, n.d) Water pollution is the second most important pollution facing us after air pollution today; water pollution not only affects individual living species in the water, but also affects populations and ecosystems the waters. There are many types of water pollution, because of the fact that water comes from many places as Nutrients pollution, Pesticides, Mining, Sewage and many other ways of water to get polluted, lets talk about some of the ways that water gets polluted. First type of water pollution is Nutrients, Nutrients pollution is the process where nutrients, mainly nitrogen and phosphorus, are added to bodies of water and can be like fertilizer, this causes an outburst in the growth of algae. The second main type of pollution is pesticide. Pesticides that are put
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