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Joseph Forte Professor Birrer Concepts in Biology 25 November 2014 Water Pollution The National Academy of Sciences estimate that around fourteen billion pounds of waste are dumped into the ocean every year (Amaral). That statistic is both disturbing and unacceptable. Not only does that affect the world in which we live in, but it also has an effect on the wildlife and the environment as well. It also shows what kind of people that we are. We are essentially destroying the place that we call home. If we do not take care of our home, who will? We humans need to stop contributing so much to this issue. Water pollution and the factors contributing to it are an ongoing problem that will continue to destroy the environment. We need to act fast…show more content…
Most humans do not care about dumping waste into the water. People do not know the harm they are committing by doing this. Some of the things humans do to contribute to water pollution include ocean dumping, the use of sceptic tanks, underground pipe leakage, and mining. The continued neglect of treatment towards these factors of water pollution will only continue to damage the environment and the world that we live in. But when exactly did water pollution become a major problem? Well water pollution became a major problem during and after the events of the Industrial the Revolution. Factories during this time saw water sources as a cheap and convenient way of disposing waste. These chemicals were released into the ocean, rivers, and even into the ground itself. As a result, many water sources today still contain waste in them. Even today, the release of pollutants into the water has increased enormously. People have started to make man-made industrial products which are even tougher to eliminate. This is mostly due to the fact that most of these pollutants now have slower degradability and a higher toxicity rate (Krautz). These water sources are used for irrigation, our drinking water, and much more. This not only harms our health, but the ecosystem as well. The importance of clean water today is at an all-time high. Water is crucial for all forms of life, humans depend on it and cannot survive without it. In today’s society, people do not realize
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