Water Pollution Vs Stormwater Pollution

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Abstract Stormwater pollution impacts the quality of both the environment and human health. It degrades natural resources, threatens economic prosperity and poses health and safety risks to communities. Stormwater pollution is the result of urban and industrial runoff getting washed into the storm drains, seriously affecting all of our nation’s water sources. Federal regulations and pollution prevention measures can significantly influence the quality of our water, our environment and our health. Introduction Stormwater pollution is a significant environmental and public health issue. Stormwater pollution has substantial impacts on water quality, posing risks to the health and safety of residential communities while degrading natural resources and threatening economical revenues. Stormwater pollution is created when trash, waste and other contaminants are washed into storm drains. When mixed with rainwater, this toxic mixture flows untreated into local creeks, rivers and the ocean, polluting waterways and damaging natural resources. This paper will analyze various historical and regulatory aspects of water quality, discuss some of the major sources of stormwater pollution and look at the various ways stormwater pollution prevention techniques can be implemented to improve the quality of our water. Point Source vs. Non-point Source Pollution First, it is important to distinguish between point source and non-point source (NPS) pollution.
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