Essay about Water Pollution and Drinking Water Scarcity

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It is scary but true. Water, one hydrogen and two oxygen, is a compound that life on Earth is completely dependent upon. A clean drinking water supply is imperative if life is going to continue. Without a supply of clean drinking water, life would cease to exist. Much of Earth’s water is contaminated with chemicals and more water is being polluted each day. The sad fact is that the pollutants are being dumped into the water by man himself. We are slowly, and knowingly, killing off our own kind. Industrial processes all over the world are contaminating fresh water sources with biochemical waste. This waste makes its way into homes is causing unspeakable illnesses and in too many cases death. The predominant cause of death from…show more content…
When disposed of by industry they are thrust into the environment and somehow end up in the drinking water of millions. The EPA, reports, “PCBs has the potential to cause the following effects from a lifetime exposure at levels above the MCL: …cancer” (Drinking 2). The Safe Water Drinking Act was passed in 1974 calling for the EPA to outline rules to regulate allowed amounts of classified harmful chemicals in drinking water (US EPA, Drinking 2). Although the EPA has set standards for concentrations of chemicals in drinking water, it seems that the established levels are too high. This is because the law was passed in 1974 and since then the number of cancer cases reported each year has risen. If the law served the purpose it was meant for the number of cancer cases should have decreased. Side by side with PCBs is a solvent used in many refineries and industrial plants called trichloroethylene, or TCE. The largest polluter associated with TCE is none other than the institution that is supposed to be protecting us with the greatest honor - the military. For many years the military has been carelessly disposing of TCE and polluting the water that eventually runs out of our kitchen faucets. With the military so widespread, it would be safe to assume that a majority of the nation’s drinking water is polluted, to an extent, with TCE and the other chemicals used by the military. The usage of TCE also extends to factories such as that of the
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