Water Quality Measures For North And South Carolina Coasts

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This project evaluates drought and water quality measures for North and South Carolina coasts. It provides a better understanding of how drought may affect the coastal region’s water quality. The project supports the National Integrated Drought Information System and the Carolinas Integrated Sciences and Assessments. It contributes to the Drought Early Warning System for the Carolinas. Individual questions are brought to attention during the data collecting process. Overall this project is to determine if there is a significant correlation between water quality and droughts. In addition to the overall project, an interesting research idea I proposed is the link between drought and fecal coliform present in water bodies. The results will be…show more content…
To examine whether or not there is a link between drought and water quality types of drought had to be examined in order to choose which drought index to use. A drought is deficiency in precipitation over some period of time. Water shortages can include impacts on vegetation, animals, and/or people. For this project, The Palmer Hydrological Index was chosen because it provides numerical classifications of drought. The PHDI includes standardized calculations for each location based on temperature and precipitation variability of the specific location. This type of calculation makes the data collection and analysis easier, as impairment can be compared to a numerical value and drought is calculated specifically based on the regions temperature and precipitation variability. Different data sets between states and the frequency of drought were examined over time by the group as whole, to bring about a time series and correlation. Team players in this group developed skills working with others and experts, such as Dr. Carbone and Dr. Tufford who provided resources and advice during the project data collection process and analysis. Over time the project allowed the group practice working together and resolving issues. It provided a “real world” experience with team leaders acting as bosses and the professor who served as supervisor. The project also required each week team updates on progress, weaknesses and
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