Water Quality Measures For North And South Carolina Coasts

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This project evaluates drought and water quality measures for North and South Carolina coasts. It provides a better understanding of how drought may affect the coastal region’s water quality. The project supports the National Integrated Drought Information System and the Carolinas Integrated Sciences and Assessments. It contributes to the Drought Early Warning System for the Carolinas. Individual questions are brought to attention during the data collecting process. Overall this project is to determine if there is a significant correlation between water quality and droughts. In addition to the overall project, an interesting research idea I proposed is the link between drought and fecal coliform present in water bodies. The results will be provided in detail later.
This project group includes six people who joined to collaborate and work together. A time series of impaired water quality is brought together for both North and South Carolinas. Impaired water bodies are found on the 303d list provided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA requires in section 303d of the Clean Water Act to develop a list of impaired waters every two years. The water bodies are impaired due to several different factors including mercury, dissolved oxygen, fecal coliform, and nutrients. The most important objective of this project focuses on the main ambient water quality monitoring stations and investigates the potential relationship between drought conditions and water quality…

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