Water Quality Of Groundwater Quality

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Nowadays, it is widely believed that the quality of groundwater is just as vital as its quantity. Water misses its quality due to its passage from upstream to downstream and from recharge to discharge zones. Moreover, temporal changes in the origin and constitution of the recharged water, hydrologic events and anthropogenic activities, may cause periodic changes in groundwater quality (Vasanthavigar et al., 2010). The quality and availability of groundwater as a main water resource in semiarid area is one of the most important issues for environmental engineers and hydrogeologists. The groundwater resources is a key reliable source to supply the water needed by rural regions of Iran. As a result of population growth and water demand…show more content…
The main differences in developed WQIs are based on the interpretation and procedure of calculations (Lumb et al., 2011). Horton’s efforts have were followed up by several researchers who have been striving to develop less subjective but more sensitive and useful WQIs (Bolton et al., 1978; Bhargava, 1983; House, 1989; Pesce and Wunderlin, 2000; Cude, 2001; Liou et al., 2004; Said et al., 2004; Nasiri et al., 2007). Many of the researches on the WQI has been dedicated to surface water especially for rivers. There have been some efforts to adapt WQI for groundwater assessment. The developed indices of groundwater quality are very similar to WQIs. The differences among them are in parameter selection. In the first attempts to develop WQI for groundwater, Tiwari and Mishra (1985) utilize the WQI for ranking groundwater for drinking purposes. Over the years, many researchers have used this procedure for groundwater quality assessment (Ketata et al., 2011; Ramachandramoorthy et al., 2010; Srivastava et al., 2011). Many authors have used a different procedure to develop groundwater quality indices (Ramakrishnaiah et al., 2009; Banoeng-Yakubo et al., 2009; Giri et al., 2010; Banerjee and Srivastava, 2011). An index for aquifer water quality (IAWQ) has been proposed by Melloul and Collin (1998) for indexing the groundwater quality at sample location
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