Water Quality Of The Thames River

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The purpose of this proposal is to promote the restructuring and upgrade of the existing Springbank Dam that sits on the Thames River to the City of London as well as the Department of Environment and Climate Change Canada. The following issues in London will be addressed: • Water Pollution in the Thames River • Controversy of the malfunctioning Springbank Dam The Thames River is located in southwestern Ontario that flows west through the City of London. (Figure 1) The river is mainly used for recreational purposes such as boating, canoeing and fishing by the people of London. However, the river is currently heavily polluted, posing public health risks as well as damaging the fragile ecosystems that exist within and around the Thames…show more content…
(London 4) Too much phosphorous promotes excessive algae and plant growth, leading to harming the water quality, as well as decreasing the amount of oxygen in the water that many aquatic lifeforms need to survive. Algal blooms, excessive algae growth, will cause deaths to large amounts of fish and also harm humans if they come into contact with the polluted water or consume the affected organisms living in the algae-infested water. (United States Environmental Protection Agency) An example of widespread algal blooms is shown in Figure 2 where much of the visible water is covered in algae, slowly suffocating the life that lives within the water. Bacteriological quality standards are used to prevent diseases and sicknesses that can be contracted through the uses of the river’s water, such as swimming. Escherichia Coli (E. coli), a harmful group of bacteria commonly found in the intestine of animals and humans, is used as an indicator of pathogens. (Figure 3) Another indicator is the Total Coliform quality which is the total number of Coliform bacteria, such as E. coli, which exist in the river. Coliform bacteria is used as an indicator because they usually exist where other pathogens of fecal origins exists. Although disinfection periods try to clean the water, the
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