Water Quality and Contamination

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Week 5 – Water Quality and Contamination Final Lab Rona Harris SCI 207: Dependence of Man on the Environment Instructor: Jacqueline Poole 10/6/2013 Week 5 – Water Quality and Contamination Final Lab Abstract Testing of how ground water is affected by different contaminants was the bases of the experiment. The results were interesting in that when vinegar is filtered through dirt it came out fairly clean. This is surprising because I did not think that any of the contaminants used would affect the water the way it did with vinegar. I figured all the water would have dirt mixed in with the water that was filtered. This shows that maybe we can find a way to find a safer choice on how we filter and purify water. Introduction…show more content…
The chemicals are also affecting the wildlife like fish. One effect that has been observed is that fish are becoming more female like because of the hormonal drugs found in the water. While steps have been taken by the government to help bring standards to water treatment and wastewater treatment plants some of the contaminants seep into the water supply after it has been filtered. The US Environmental Protection Agency has issued standards for drinking water with policies like the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974, but the standards are not foolproof and some municipalities are not in compliance with the standards. Another problem is the cost of setting up better filtration systems to catch some of the contaminants that are not being filtered at the present time. The reason for doing the following experiment is to see how the contaminants will affect the ground water. I hypothesized that when the different beakers are poured through the soil filter then water would just come out with dirt mixed into the water. Materials and Methods In this experiment we tested ground water contaminants. The materials that were used was eight 250mL beakers, three wooden stir sticks, 100mL graduated cylinder, 10mL of vegetable oil, 10mL of vinegar, 10mL of liquid laundry detergent, 100mL beaker, 240mL of soil, funnel, cheesecloth, and water. With a marker the eight 250mL beakers were labeled number one through eight. Putting five through eight to the side, fill with
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