Water Quality and Contamination Essay

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Water Quality and Contamination Water Quality and Contamination Introduction Abstract My lab report was based on how ground water could be affected by contaminants that surround us everyday. “ Access to safe drinking water depends not only on the quality of water at source but also on contamination throughout it's way to the user and practices related to purification and sanitation” ( Mishra, S., & Nandeshwar, S. 2013).I was very surprised that the detergent contaminated the water. I thought that the detergent would stay in the soil but it ended up going through the soil into the water. Which then left the water bubbly and dark. These labs may show that we may need to look into more…show more content…
I poured the solution back and fourth 15 times. Once the mixture was created I poured 10ml of the “Contaminated” water into a 100ml beaker. I then added 10 grams of alum to the 250ml beaker that is contaminated. I mixed the solution for 1-2 minutes and then let it sit for 15mintues.While I let it sit I washed out the 250ml beaker then I put a 4 layer cheesecloth in the funnel that was placed in the 250ml beaker. Then I layered the funnel with 40ml of sand, 20ml of activated charcoal and 40ml of gravel. Then I poured clean tap water through the filter until the funnel was full. I poured the clean tap water through the filter 4 more times. After that was done, I poured ¾ of the contaminated water into the filter for 5 minutes. After 5minutes I then added a few drops of bleach to the filtered water and slowly stirred the combination for 1 minute. The third experiment I did was to see the quality of tap water, Dasani water and Fuji water. I first labeled 250ml beakers Tap, Dasani and Fuji. I then poured 100ml of each water type into there specific beaker. The first strip test I did was the ammonia test. I placed the strip in each of the 3 beakers for 30 seconds to see the test strip level. Then compared to the strip color to the colored charts that were given. I repeated the same steps for chloride except for putting the test strip in for 1 second. Next, I did the 4 in 1 test repeating the same steps besides placing the test strip in the beaker for 5
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