Water Reuse As A Water Management Initiative

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Water reuse is a crucial concept in our society, water is a scarce resource and it is needed to operate many things. Water is used in-stream and in off-stream (Botkin, 2014). Water has been used extensively for irrigation and for energy production in industrial settings. Water reuse is a water management initiative that is aimed at conserving our water resources and to allow the continual use of this precious resource repeatedly. Reused water also known as Reclaimed water is a type of water has been used by households, Industries ect, and is collected on a treatment site where it is cleared of various solids, organic and inorganic pollutants, and can be released into receiving streams or be used again. Water can be recycled after it has been used vigorously to perform various functions i.e water can be treated and then reused, there are numerous ways in which water can wastewater can be treated. Wastewater can be treated by Constructed wetlands which are manmade systems that use the properties of plants, microbial diversity to treat wastewater and to remove pollutants. Manmade wetlands function on simple principles that natural wetlands use to treat water, but constructed wetlands are monitored by man. There are various manmade wetlands including Free water surface constructed wetlands (FWSCW) are crucial in treating water that contains organic pollutants, it accomplishes this by using a process of microbial breakdown of pollutants, Vymazal (2010).
It is crucial that every…
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