Water, Sanitation And Hygiene

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Statement of Purpose My interest in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) begun when I was working with the Red Cross in a post disaster rehabilitation project in coastal areas of my home country, Bangladesh. The 2007 cyclone contaminated about 70% of the water sources in the affected communities resulting an outbreak of waterborne diseases. I observed the challenges of providing safe drinking water to the victims which motivated me to pursue my career in this field. By training I am a Civil and Environmental Engineer with a MS in Water Resources Development (WRD). Currently pursuing my second master’s in Environmental Studies from Florida International University (FIU). I have worked in the WASH sector for seven years with different organizations and in a variety of contexts, including emergency response, refugee settings, urban slums and regular development programs. To prepare myself for addressing global WASH challenges and to hone my acquired skills, I want to pursue a PhD in the Environmental Health Sciences (EHS) program. My qualifications, both from an academic background and practical experience, makes me a competent candidate for the program. My educational background provided me the fundamental knowledge and made me a suitable applicant for the program. I was exposed to research during my undergraduate education, when I first learned the fundamentals of water and waste engineering. For my undergraduate project, I examined the performance of water hyacinth
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