Water Scarcity In Flint, Michigan

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The problem in Flint, Michigan was the residents came to the conclusion that iron found its way into their water supply and people began to panic at the sight of brownish water. In fear they went to city officials and to city police to figure out the problem. They receive all their tap water from the Flint River which is highly corrosive and the Department of Environmental quality was not treating the water with an anti-corrosion agent. This is a huge problem because all of the residents of Flint, Michigan receive their water from the water plant which at the moment was giving out iron contaminated water. They uses that water for everything such as showers, washing dishes, watering plants, and toilet use. They had to give up these goods for a short time while the problem would be solved.…show more content…
Their families have to live in filth. The city was also harshly affected because they lost a tremendous amount of money. They had to pay lots of money to fix the water in each and every house. Every city depends on tourism to bring in a higher revenue, but due to the contaminated waters everyone avoided Flint, Michigan. People are affected by this because they had to basically live in filth because they couldn’t wash dishes, wash clothes, bathe, and it is very likely they used the toilet but it was still filled with disgusting
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