Water Scarcity Is A Essential Part Of Our Planet Earth

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Water is a vital part of our planet Earth. Without it, the number of negative impacts it can have is unimaginable. The southeastern states in Brazil are one of the many regions of the world affected by drought. Not having enough water for the necessary daily activities has driven people to extremes in order to get the water that they need. Unacceptable water supply has led to issues in the economy, low food supply, starvation of animals, reduced quality of health, loss of life and more. This raises a big concern for future water supply. The effects it has in this region can worsen and possibly spread to other areas. Eventually, the water may run out and leave people with no promising solution. Water scarcity is a problem that is currently…show more content…
In over 80 years, this region in Brazil has never encountered such devastating results in water deficit (Rigby, 2015). The drought they are experiencing there is causing noteworthy consequences for many aspects including the economy of Brazil. Several plans have been made in hopes of creating solutions to the shortage of water. Some of these projects have not been successful. In June, the governor of Sao Paulo launched a system connecting a river named River Guaio to the water supply of Sao Paulo. Unfortunately, the plan did not go as expected. The poor flow of the river was not able to reach the intended 265 gallons of water transfer to the water supply. This project alone cost 8.3 million dollars (Rigby, 2015). Other ideas and projects to help this issue are in progress, including one that is worth more than four times the cost of the one that began in June. If the outcome is anything like the one previously mentioned the cost of these attempts may cause damage to the economy. Investing a great amount of money may not be worth it if it does not lead to positive results. The drought in this region of Brazil has caused some states to fight over water. Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are disputing over this subject. A water source in the area supplies water to both Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. In desperation, Sao Paulo requested that the water from this source be rerouted only to them. This caused an
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