Water Scarcity Is A Lack Of Tolerable

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Water scarcity is defined as a lack of tolerable, available amount of water a region possesses. Water scarcity is occurring all around the world and nothing is being done about it. An article "What is Water Scarcity?" states that about one billion people do not have access to clean water (Conserve Energy Future). Since there are only about seven billion people on planet Earth and one billion of that population cannot access clean water that means roughly fourteen percent of the human race is suffering due to some sort of a water issue, which is not acceptable. It has been determined that seventy percent of the Earth 's surface is covered with water while three percent is actually fresh water (Conserve Energy Future). However, two-thirds of…show more content…
Pollution in water is not easy to fix and costs a lot of money to fix making pollution that much annoying. Furthermore, in an article titled "Causes of Water Scarcity" states that climate change can affect water scarcity (ESchoolToday). According to the source, certain places which receive either a lot or little rainfall begin to have the opposite occurs, which causes many problems (ESchoolToday). For example, if a place that is used to getting a lot of rainfall stops getting that rainfall, then that place begins to start drying up (ESchoolToday). Another example is when the location is not accustomed to a lot of rainwater, then that area will flood and be polluted with all sorts of debris (ESchoolToday). Climate changes affecting water scarcity is a real thing and almost nothing can be done to fix climate changes as a water scarcity cause. A few more causes that affect water scarcity are population expansion, urbanization, conflicts, and even governmental access. Overall one can see that there are many causes that affect water scarcity. Along with the causes of water scarcity, there are a lot of effects of water scarcity as well. First of all, in an article titled "What is Water Scarcity?" written by Linda Dailey Paulson, it states that "20 percent of the world’s population now lives in physical water scarcity" (Paulson). With 20 percent of the human population

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