Water Scarcity Is A Major Issue

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Water That Flows Between Us Water scarcity is a major issue the world now faces because of the prolonged global warming that the Earth has been enduring. Global warming has been causing a dramatic change in the Earth’s atmosphere, water supply, as well the ecosystem. It has caused glaciers, that hold a great deal of the world’s freshwater supply, as ice, to melt into the surrounding oceans because of the Sun’s heat warming the waters, and melting the glaciers. This has caused a problem for countries that rely on those sources. Not only the warming of the Earth, but also the multitude of pollutants that currently affect water supplies such as fecal matter, lead, and garbage, harm the available drinking water and render it useless. Due to the fact that certain countries are more polluted than others, just by default, their water supply has a greater chance of contamination. Therefore, the most ethical thing to do would be divide up remaining water equally amongst all countries. However, America and other first world countries will get privilege over the water because of their resources, wealth, and power. The current water situation is slowly getting worse because of the heat, and its effects on the land the water should be flowing through. According to Arjen Y. Hoekstra, a member of the Department of Water Engineering and Management in the Netherlands, “In many areas, groundwater is being pumped at rates that exceed replenishment, depleting aquifers and the base flows of…

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