Water Scarcity Is A Shortage Of Water

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“The most severe threat we face today is a shortage of water”, a statement that sounds too absurd to be believed, but is it? How can we run out of water? Earth, is titled the “Blue Planet” due to the high water level presence on its surface. However 97.5% of that water is salt seawater that is unusable by people or in day-to-day tasks (International Desalination Association, 2015). Earth is running out of fresh water and offers only 0.26% of fresh water resources to utilize and suffice peoples’ needs (International Desalination Association, 2015). These statistics merely shed light on the relatively soon to become the highest demanded and highest priced product in the world ‘water’. Water shortages are increasing because several factors including over-farming and the pollution of water sources, which interrupts the water cycle reducing the amount of water that is cleansed by the environment, therefore reducing the water available for use. Water scarcity is the world’s most severe threat because it decreases the drinking water supply, alters agriculture, reduces animals and threatens global security. For a start, water scarcity is a severe global threat because it makes rivers dry out, decreasing the amount of drinking water available for everyone. Several main rivers all around the world are worn-out and “over-tapped” that they run dry for certain parts of the year and many have shrunk into half (Web of Creation). These rivers include the Yellow, Rio Grande, Indus,

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