Water Scarcity Of Clean Water

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Water has a long and meaningful history, from providing the sustenance for life to washing our dishes. As the population increases, this vital natural resource has strain put on it to continue making life possible. Long ago, humans realized water meant life, and life meant power. Controlling water means controlling the people. Today we have moved past using water to hold people in our power; however sources of clean water are being abused, especially in the U.S. with our huge lawns and daily showers. This abuse is leading to the decline of clean water sources. And yet, people in third world countries have an even bigger crisis on their hands. While Americans have virtually unlimited water – until it runs out of course – people in third world countries are struggling for clean water to simply keep them alive and healthy. So shy would the United States have the responsibility to help third world countries have safe, clean drinking water? Especially when we have our own water shortage on our hands? Water is crucial, historically, politically, and for the future. The U.S. needs to help third world countries in order to provide for the future of the seven billion people who inhabit this world. Water is the key to the future of the United States and the future of all humans, if it can be preserved. The history of water is indispensable when examining the history of humans. Humans could not exist without water, just as stable civilizations cannot exist without a stable
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