Water Scarcity Of Water Pollution

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Many people oppose the idea of the seriousness of water pollution. Many argue that the water supply for consumption is enough and that there will be no water shortage. “Peak Water” is a term used for a global water shortage (The Environment), so people who consider that the water supply is not going to end use this in their favor. They say that thinking that water is going to be scarce In the future is silly, that people are being peak water alarmists, because there is enough water for everyone, it’s just that there needs to be a way to get to that water. The argument is that water trapped underground and the developing of new ways and technologies to have the ocean water go through a process of desalinization and become usable for people is the reason why there will never be a water shortage. All of this would seem to make the fight for water pollution pointless because if there are more ways to get to water then there would be no issues with fresh water shortages. Other opposing arguments are that people do not have the money to prevent water pollution from happening. In this case it would be farmers who have to use pesticides for some of their crops. Most farmers would not have in mind that the pesticides they use will end up affecting water supplies miles away, and even if they did they would not be able to purchase a system that could contain the chemical runoff because they simply cannot afford it. The cost of having something that can properly treat water pollution
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