Water Scarcity Of Water Shortage

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Water Scarcity Maria Luna Arizona State University Planet earth is made up of seventy percent of water and thirty percent of territorial land. Of that seventy percent, ninety-seven percent is salt water, meaning only three percent is drinkable water. Accounting for that three percent, only one percent is surface water; the other two percent is ground water. Most of the surface water is unusable due to agriculture runoff; industrial trash is a great deal of surface water that has been contaminated with harmful chemicals. Industries are relying on ground water which is being depleted at immense rates. It is true that many areas of the world are already facing dramatic water shortages. Water scarcity is the upmost challenge issue humans face because of poor practices in sustainability. "There is already severe scarcity in many regions of the world, causing tremendous problems for local populations and indeed entire societies"(Cordery). The issue of water scarcity raises many other issues. In this essay, the social dimensions that water shortages acquire, the social drivers that create the issue, and the potential solutions towards this issue will be discussed. Water is a renewable resource, but does not necessarily mean it can be recycled over and over again; it has a limit. The way water is a renewable resource is by the water cycle. When it rains water, it is then evaporated and condensed back into the clouds to start the cycle all over again. Rain

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