Water Scarcity: Privatization is Not the Solution Essay

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Water is vital for humanity as it sustains human life and is a fundamental aspect in most of the products which are consumed by an average living person. This is why water supplies are crucial, because through them this substance is provided sadly these services are being perturbed by various obstacles that at the end are provoking a severe water scarcity around the globe. This has been attempted to be solved by privatising water services, since it is believed that water available for free has generated an overexploitation of this resource. However, this apparent solution is encouraging the problem due to the inefficiency and corruption of these companies. That is why the purpose of this paper, before all else, will be to analyse the…show more content…
Nevertheless, the existing supplies will not be able to satisfy the increasing number of people, this is supported by Mashhood who claimed in 2012 that a growing population requires more water (addressing the Texas’ water needs) which the state says cannot come from one source. Moreover, this situation has been affecting every corner of the planet as the decrease in the water supplies and the rapid increment in the population will not improve in the future, since these both elements are seemingly going to continue this trend. Nonetheless, not only these factors are reinforcing this catastrophe, it is also the latent worldwide social inequality that is inducing a disproportion of the provision of water around the globe. Fresh water sources subsist in most countries, despite this an inconsistent price for this substance prevails in the developing world, where the cost for it is the highest but the income of these areas is not. On the other hand, the first world nations represent the contrast of this case because they maintain a formidable profit and an accessible financial value for water. This means that water scarcity is not suffered by the lack of physical sources, it is surfacing due to the absence of economic resources of parts of the public who are not able to afford this vital component of human life. A demonstration of this is seen in Chochabama, Bolivia where riots occurred by cause of a rise in
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