Water Scarcity Problem Of Water

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Water is everyone in the world and this is the major reason why many individuals never think about the limited supply of water. People presume that the water supply is infinite. The common saying “you do not know what you have until it is gone” rings true. Never having to worry about possessing fresh drinking water on a daily basis has caused many individuals to never question where the water is coming from or how much water is left. Due to the simple fact that water covers a majority of the earth, the realization that only a small percentage of this water supply is drinkable is rarely realized. The distinction between freshwater and salt water is imperative to understand. Humans cannot drink salt water due to its high levels of salinity. Freshwater is our only source of drinkable water and unfortunately it is only a small percentage. With such a small portion of the water supply being usable a dilemma presents itself; what happens when this small percentage of useable water is exhausted. Unfortunately this water scarcity problem is difficult to combat and therefore many individuals have pushed the problem aside for others to deal with later. Although scholars have noted that water scarcity is a global issue and that efforts towards the conservation of water are desperately needed, individual countries, specifically the United States, have ignored the problem and if the US hopes to solve the issue before it becomes a catastrophe they must recognize the need for laws and

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