Water Scarcity and Pollution: Don’t Let Our Tear Become Last Drop of Water

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Tong Li Zach Hilpert Focused Inquiry 112 Water scarcity and pollution: Don’t let our tear become last drop of water Years of thoughtless exploitation and consumption of environment by mankind has resulted in the effects staring in our face now. More and more potentially devastating environmental problems come up and affect various nations worldwide. But many people have trouble recognizing why a resource that seems infinite, is actually, scarce. Humans have already put excessive pressure on the environment; especially the scarcity and pollution of water, which leading to tensions. There is no time for us to wait until the last drop of water in the earth become our tear. In order to make the world a better place, we need to find…show more content…
Going back to the ancient times, human view water as their mother, afraid it and respect it, believe if people do something betray the faith, it would come with some harsh punishments from the god. Therefore, there is a base moral line for them to find the balance of good and harm: finding the harmony between human and nature. Today, however, the advanced technology and efficient machine are offering human a vast power of choice for their current needs and desires and fading out the base moral line. Some people just keep consuming our collective future to increase the immediate profits, wasting the finite water greedily without limitation, not realizing they are essentially going to the point of self-destruction. Even so, we can’t just completely stop human’s demand of water. The appropriate consume will lead us to maximize the benefits, produce the balance of good and harm. Let people consume water properly; factories protect the environment and take care of business profit at the same time. In order to reach the equilibrium point of human’s demand and water’s supply, increasing personal environmental consciousness is necessary. Jickling brings out a fact that the decreasing of environmental consciousness is because the education about environment is just mere talk and lack of capital to improve the quantity and technology. The education of environment absolutely is a challenge for us. Rather than casually accepting it, the environment education is required

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