Water Scarcity in India

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Water is an essential resource to sustain life. From 50 - 90 percent of the weight of living organisms is water. Water is the major constituent of living matter. Water, essential for growth of all crops, is the natural resource in shortest supply. More than 20 countries lack sufficient water to grow enough food for their people. The situation is getting worse as needs for water rise along with population growth, urbanization and increases in household and industrial uses. According to a UN report two-thirds of mankind will suffer moderate to severe water crisis within next 30 years if remedial steps are not taken. World Bank report estimates 5 million deaths from unsafe drinking water and investments to the tune of $ 600 billion worldwide…show more content…
A team of scientists and researchers of Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi has made detailed study of the problem, its dimensions and solutions. They have emphasised the need of traditional wisdom of water harvesting. They have given many details and data and proved how useful it can be to make use of our time- tested, age-old and traditional water harvesting system. These traditional methods of water harvesting have been in constant practice from time immemorial in the country, among various communities and villages. They evolved highly decentralised system of water harvesting suited to local conditions. We need to return to the same wisdom and revive the old water harvesting system and structure.

Millennium Development Goal number 7, target 10 aims to halve the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation by 2015 . Water scarcity could threaten progress to reach this target. As governments and community organizations make it a priority to deliver adequate supplies of quality water to people, individuals can help by learning how to conserve and protect the resource in their daily lives. Good water management also reduces breeding sites for such insects as mosquitoes that can transmit diseasees and prevents the spread of
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