Water Shortage in California is Ruining the Farmers Essay

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Water is a precious resource. It is the lifeblood of every living thing on Earth. California is in the midst of a water crisis. Combined with a three (plus) year drought and many people moving into the state there is not enough water to support the crops the farmers need to grow. There is also a tiny little fish that is causing a mess in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The Delta water pumps were turned off to prevent the extinction of the tiny little fish. Some farmers have to let their fields sit idle for the fall and spring planting season. This is causing a lot of problems in California. The pumps need to be turned back on. The needs of the people should come before that of a fish.

California is an ever-growing state, and
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The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta supplies almost two-thirds of the state with water. Many plants and animals live in the Delta. One of them is a tiny three-inch fish called the Delta smelt. It is due to the endangerment of this fish that the pumps that supply many of the farmlands in the state with water to grow crops were shut off. The fish were getting caught in the pumps. This caused the environmentalists to file a suit to get the pumps shut off. When the suit was won it was hard blow to the farmers. Having to worry about getting enough rain every year is enough of a burden to them. Now the water they need to grow crops was shut off for a fish. Humanity is more important than a tiny fish.
Due to the shut off many farmers did not get the rationing of water they need to plant, so many fields will sit idle this fall and spring. California produces 53% of the nation’s fruits and vegetables. California is also the leading food producer to the world. Some people do not even know California is facing a water crisis, and more of them did not know California is the Nation’s food producer. In a recent survey 76% knew of the water crisis; however, only 56% of them knew that California is the leading food producer. With many of the state’s fields sitting idle this fall and spring it is going to cause the produce prices to increase. It also causes the loss of thousands of jobs. An outraged woman spoke out about the

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