Water Shortage in Central California

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Fresno is a city located in central California, also known as San Joaquin Valley Famously knows for its grape field and green trees. Known for where the immigrants came to work, by picking grapes making little to know money. Every year I go back to visit my home town about twice a year, each time we get near the grape vine which is located between Fresno and Las Angeles. The first thing that is noticed by the eye is the magnificent greenery and farm lands that can’t be passed without notice of its beauty. Every tree was full and rich looking to the roots and all around the ground would look moist and fully watered, without a doubt these farm lands where being taken care of. Recently in the past three years of taking the long exhausting drive from the dry lands of Tucson to the green lands of Fresno hasn’t been the same. The green lands of central valley are not as green as they once were. The grounds look dry and not as moist as before.
2. In the movie the last call at the oasis, Jessica Yu speaks on a lot about the depletion of Central Valley’s low Water supply. Yu talked about Central Valley California diminishing water supply that grow 25 percent of the food Americans eat today, much of the nations fruit, nuts and produce come from. She also went into dept about the reliance on "recycled" or "new" water that is, treated sewage water. All the community talked…
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