Water Shortages and Desalinisation

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The Problem: Water Shortages As the world continues to grow the need for fresh water continues to rising. The current demand for water is ever increasing. In the many places in the world clean drinking water is taken for granted. In other arid places in the world water is a scarce resource. Fresh water sources around the world are being put under intense strains. Fossil water in aquifers are being over pumped. In many cases aquifers may need thousands of years to replenish their reserves. The Ogallala aquifers in the American Midwest is being over pumped at an unsustainable rate. Water from this aquifer is used for irrigation of crops, that provide food for millions. Also, currently in the Middle East wheat production is being slowed and stifled from the depletion of fossil water from over pumped aquifers. Aquifers are not the only water resource under strain. Rivers are being over pumped for irrigation in agriculture. Agriculture demand for fresh water is estimated to take up 70% of all fresh water consumption. The best example for agriculture putting strain on a river is the Nile Valley. The Nile River is the bread basket for approximately two hundred million people. Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia already us the majority of the fresh water that comes from the Nile. Over the next coming century that demand will rise making the need for fresh water surpass the limits of the Nile. This will inevitably lead to political strife between these counties. {Brown}
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