Water Should Be Clean And Safe For Consumption

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Water is a crucial part of life; the human body is made up of 75 percent water, (Pandey, 2005). It is one of the most pivotal nutrients in the human body due to its functions like carrying nutrients in and out of cells in living creatures. Water is also essential in the removal of waste products from the body and also in the regulation of body temperature in warm-blooded organisms, (Pandey, 2005). Research has revealed that human beings can live without food for a month, but they cannot last more than seven days without water; if the body loses more than ten to fifteen percent of water, it can be fatal and lead to death, (Pandey, 2005). Due to the vital nature of this resource, water should be clean and safe for consumption
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As such sanitation and hygiene contribute immensely to the burden of health such countries. Countries with such vulnerabilities with respect to lack of clean and safe water are predisposed to water-related diseases such as cholera, dysentery, and diarrhea, this is from a United Nations report which also stated that these diseases have a potential to stifle growth, (Pandey, 2005). Research reports on the impact of water-related illnesses reveal that thousands of outbreaks occurs and are mostly due to bacterial parasitic and virus microorganism; these outbreaks occur mainly due to the consumption of untreated water.
The world health organization in the year 1996 estimated that every eight seconds, a person would die due to illness that emanates from drinking unsafe water; this means that over five million people die of such illnesses annually which is a very high number considering the advances made with respect to water pollution control. An important portion of the health burden caused by water-related diseases can be attributed to the way water resources are managed and developed; some of the resources being cited include dams and irrigation schemes. These resources increase incidences of Malaria, schistosomiasis, Japanese encephalitis in areas they have been established, (Pandey, 2005). Drinking and bathing in dirty water are by far the most common means through
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