Water Supply And Its Effects On Earth

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At this point in time, most of the inhabitants of this planet have learned to survive. One way or another, every living creature on earth has used one of its resources to live. One of the greatest and most important resources the earth has is its water supply. Plants, wild animals, and specifically human beings use what the earth has given us every day. This being a fact of life, we as humans have constantly examined the state of the earths resources to make sure we have enough. Sadly, the facts are true. One of the most valuable resources on our planet is quickly being depleted. It is arguably the most necessary factor to sustain life on earth, and we as humans use it more than we know. Water used to cover up at least 75% of the earths surface, though scientists believe that number is rapidly decreasing as time goes on. As the human population increases, the need for water also increases, making it difficult for the rest of planet to flourish. One might think, “Why should I worry about the water supply? There will be enough for me to live till I die, so who cares?” This foolishness is very common among many, not only around the world, but especially in the United States of America. As Americans, we feel a constant entitlement to all that might be out there in our vast land. This means opportunities for a better life, but it also sets precedent for taking our resources for granted. Yes we might have plenty of water for our lifetime, but what about the next generation? What
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