Water Supply And Water Shortage Essay

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1. Introduction From last two decades’ Australian cities has been facing serious issue of water shortage. There are a lot of reason behind this problem such as carbon emission and decrease in the rainfall etc. In order to overcome this problem, the Government of Australia has been trying to develop new technologies in water sector as well advancement in the traditional methods of water supply. The common sources of water supply are ground water and surface water. But now with the help of scientist and public sector, Government of Australia has built new method of water supply which is desalination. Currently in Australia six desalination projects are in use while two projects are under construction. 2. Body 2.1 Compare and contrast This section will describe some of the most important facts related to different sources of water supply like dams and groundwater as well desalination plants. Comparison between Groundwater and dams, Desalination Characteristics of Groundwater and dams, Desalination Groundwater and dams Desalination Groundwater and dams Desalination These sources are accessibly available on any required place at low cost (Brown et al., 2008). Desalination cause a very high economic cost to society that is one of the reason behind undervalue of this source in developing countries (Abazza, 2012). Groundwater and dams both contributes a lot in different sectors of economy. For example, groundwater is used in agriculture, drinking water, mining and various
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