Water Supply At Risk Of Depletion

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Water is a crucial component to sustain human, animal, and plant life. When a problem that puts water supply at risk of depletion is encountered, people should concern themselves with the inevitable detrimental effects of water shortage. California inhabitants are currently faced with this problem. Although all of California’s citizens have some awareness to California’s drought issue, many are oblivious to the drought’s severity. They continue to leisurely use water due to assumptions that the drought is short term or that the lack of water is normal because the state is a desert. However, evidence clearly supports that California’s drought is drastic. In “Storms, Drought and California 's Water Situation: Key Points,” the article…show more content…
Fortunately, there is a solution, and it can be implemented in every household in California. A greywater system is a noteworthy solution, although extremely unknown to the general population. Greywater is generally known as water that has already been used from different household appliances such as the kitchen sink and laundry machine, but excludes water from the toilet. It “constitutes 50–80% of the total household wastewater” (Li 3439). Greywater makes up the majority of a home’s wastewater. As a result, the greywater system focuses on recycling the wastewater in order to promote water conservation. In “About Greywater Reuse,” the article explains that the system recycles greywater by trying to find a way to “pipe it directly outside and use it to water ornamental plants or fruit trees.” In addition, the system provides homeowners a convenient way to complete the daily chore of watering their plants. The greywater system is innovative and provides homeowners a chance to contribute to California’s relief from its drought. Although unknown to many, the greywater system proves to be the most promising solution to preserving California’s water supply with its benefits to homeowners and ability to conserve large quantities of water. There is already a plethora of solutions to California’s drought that people are more aware of than the greywater system. One solution that has been persistently advocated is to simply reduce daily water
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