Water Usage Options For Black Butte

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Water Usage Options
1. Conservation
2. Market-Based Tools
3. Water Importation
4. Aggregation of the Options Listed Above
I was very disappointed to discover that Black Butte has done very little to control the heavy water usage of its citizens, especially since I had heard that your town had a strong commitment to preserving environmental quality. Despite your previous inabilities to conserve water the future implementation of conservation water practices will greatly benefit the town’s overall water consumption. Due to Black Butte being located in a desert that is severely affected by drought, and will most likely be affected by drought in the future it is essential to implement water conservation practices, whether you use the Maji Mazuri Reservoir as a source or not. The first water usage to eliminate when experiencing a drought is the recreational use of water. During a drought it is not acceptable to water one’s lawn, play outside in the sprinklers, take twenty-minute showers, etc. It would greatly benefit Black Butte to hold a town hall meeting of some sort to provide your community with the necessary tools and important to conserve water without drastically having to alter their lifestyles. A simple and I assume an action well-received by citizens would involve the Black Butte sending plumber to check any leaky faucets. Continuous dripping from a single faucet can waste about 20 gallons of water within a single day (SOURCE,eartheasy). This wastage of water…
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