Water Viewed as a Global Human Need: An Anthology of Related Articles

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The purpose of this essay is to review the literature pertinent to my chosen research topic for this academic term. The focus of my research is water viewed as a global human need. My thesis is as follows: Due to the diminishing levels of usable water at the basic domestic level, there is urgent need to promote water sustainability sensitization from the domestic level for a greater global goal of water conservation as a natural resource. This essay will cite and explain literature that is relevant to this inquiry in order to further expand the knowledge base about this topic and how I can contribute to the conversation. Shiklomanov, I. (1999). World Water Resources. A New Appraisal and Assessment for the 21st Century. United Nations, Educational, Scientific And Cultural Organization 1998. Retrieved from http://www.ce.utexas.edu/prof/mckinney/ce385d/Papers/Shiklomanov.pdf The United Nations, serving as world government headquarters, has produced many important scientific articles and reports that provide global leadership that is needed. This report is a view of water as a global resource, viewed through the eyes and mouthpiece of the United Nation. The article provides key global statistics as it calls for cooperation between the world's scientists. Gleick, P. (2000). The Changing Water Paradigm: A Look at Twenty-first Century Water Resources Development. IWRA, Water International, 25 (1), March 2000. Retrieved from http://www.unc.edu/~charack/pdf/Gleick_Article.pdf

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