Water Wars Essay

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Water is a human right, not a commodity. It is the essence of life, sustaining every living being on the planet. Without it we would have no plants, no animals, no people. However, while water consumption doubles every twenty years our water sources are being depleted, polluted and exploited by multinational corporations. Water privatization has been promoted by corporations and international lending institutions as the solution to the global water crises but the only one’s who benefit from water privatization are investors and international banks. The essential dilemma of privatization is that the profit interests of private water utilities ultimately jeopardizes the safeguarding of the human right to water. Access to clean, sufficient…show more content…
Globally the results of privatization have been detrimental. The problems have ranged from water quality, sewage spills, irreversible environmental effects, job cuts and lack of infrastructure investments. All in an effort to reduce operating costs and thus increase profits for shareholders. There are basically three ways that water is privatized; bottled water, municipal services and bulk water sales. As a consumer of bottled water I wanted to research further and find out the truth about it. What I discovered was that we as consumers have been fooled by these water corporations. To begin with the cost of bottled water is two thousand times more than tap water. I found it absolutely ludicrous that we are willing to pay such a high price for bottled water considering it costs close to nothing to drink water from the tap. In reality, as I found out, most bottled water which we believe comes from some exotic spring is actually filtered tap water from a U.S. city. According to Food & Water Watch one third of all bottled water comes from a public water source. #4 The year 2007 seemed to be the beginning of unveiling the mask of bottled water. That year Pepsi which has the number-one selling bottled water in the U.S. announced that it would be changing the label on its bottles of Aquafina to indicate that the water was in fact filtered tap water. Coca-Cola announced that its Dasani water came from a public water
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