Water, What's The Purpose?

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Water, What’s the Purpose?

Water is an entity that has been around since the begging of time. It fills the earth, oceans with a bluish green essence. It flows from the faucet and runs beneath busy populated city streets throughout the world. Water is something that is not just something beautiful to glance at as it roars off the side of a mountain and forms a majestic waterfall or when your glass of water is clearer than crystal, that is something that many of people take for granted and something that is just a resource that we are guaranteed and shall not be taken away from us. Something that is not just refreshing for you, but is essential to a long and proposers life. Clean water is something that has not always been so easily
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The amount of clean water available to people is simply not near what it should be and everyone should band together to find a solution to this dilemma.
Before I get into the bigger topics in this essay, I want to start by going back into the history of water itself. Water has been around ever since the earth was formed. The earliest history, modern humans were some 200, 000 years ago (Water Wiki). Many of these species would always get sick from water that had contained numerous pathogens. They didn’t know what water was clean and what was not clean, so they took no precautions into what they consumed. Now later in time, many people understood the importance of clean and drinkable water, but what was not known was this idea of sanitation. So if someone had not cleaned their hands or cleaned their dishes or clothes, etc., they would thus contaminate their food and their water. Which in turn would lead to diseases that back then didn’t really have much of a cure. Humans and animals had an almost unlimited supply of where to gather their water from back then. Now in the present day, you wouldn’t assume that you would go down to the nearest lake in your city and grab a jug of that water. Well of course not, because that water has not been filtered and purified into consumable drinking water. You would have to boil it and possibly add certain minerals and additives that would rid the water of any sorts
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