Water and Quality

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(Rough draft) Final Lab Report Angela Blake SCI 207: Dependence of man on the environment Instructor: Bo Sosnicki Date: November 23, 2015 Introduction Body Paragraph #1 - Background: In this lab we will examine the different pollutants of water and examine contaminates of it as well. Body Paragraph # 2 - Objective: The lab was performed so we could investigate the effects of common pollutants on groundwater as well as mimic the filtration process utilized by wastewater treatment facilities. Body Paragraph # 3 - Hypothesis: Experiment 1 Hypothesis = I think that the bleach will filtrate and remove the contaminants because bleach removes contaminants. Experiment 2 Hypothesis = I think the tap water will contain the most…show more content…
My water also smells very dirty like dirt. #6 Beaker My water is darker in color now with particles but the dirt/soil smell is not as strong and all of the oil is filtered out as well. (The oil was left in the soil). #7 Beaker My water is about the same color as beaker 6 but has a light vinegar smell and soil smell. The water still has particles from the soil present. #8 Beaker My water is very foggy and a darker olive green color but smells very clean. My water also has a lot more particles present in the bottom of the beaker. The rough draft of the results section should include all tables used in your experiment. All values within the tables should be in numerical form and contain units. For instance, if measuring the amount of chloride in water you should report as 2 mg/L or 0 mg/L not as two or none. Body Paragraph # 1: The rough draft of the results section should also describe important results in paragraph form, referring to the appropriate tables when mentioned. This section should only state the results as no personal opinions should be included. A description of what the results really mean should be saved for the discussion. For example, you may report, 0mg/L of chlorine were found in the water, but should avoid personal opinions and interpretations such as, no chlorine was found in the water showing it is cleaner than the others samples. Experiment 3: Drinking Water Quality Table 2:
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