Water in the Middle East

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In the report of UN experts presented at the annual meeting of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia ( ESCWA) in Amman in May 1994 , it was reported that since the establishment of this zone “Israel was annually pumping water from Litani to its territory with pumps installed at the bridge of Khardali, in a volume of 150 million m3”. " Another 65 million m3 allegedly was taken from Wazzani and Hasbani .
The edition of the U.S. Defense Department “Lebanon : a review of the country” ( 1989 ) also states that “ in the late 1970’s - early 1980’s Lebanese reported a plea of derivation of water from the small tributaries of the Hasbani to Israel” (Middle East International, № 458, 10 September 1993). Western and Arab media published an information that the scale of water derivation to Israel were much more, only from the Litani – up to 55 % of the annual discharge . Among all the details in particular, it was reported that Israeli experts have installed shut-off valves at the water pumping station on the river, which allows switching part of the flow in a specially built 12- kilometer water pipeline leading to Hasbani river which feeds the Jordan River and through the Galilee lake (Ibid).
Most of the accusations against Israel had no documentary evidence, it can be indirectly indicated by the fact that Lebanon has never…
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