Waterfall Vs Agile Methodology Paper

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Waterfall vs Agile Methods of Development Loren Hills References McCormick, M. (2012, August 9th). Waterfall vs Agile Methodology. Retrieved June Sunday, 2015 from Base36. (2012, December 13). Agile &Waterfall Methodologies - A Side-By-Side Comparison. Retrieved June 15, 2015 from Base36 smart solutions: Mikoluk, K. (2013, September 9). Agile Vs Waterfall: Evaluating The Pros and Cons. Retrieved June 15, 2015 from Udemy blog: Zolyak, A. (2013, April 12). 8 Benefits of Agile Software Development. Retrieved June 16, 2015 from Segue Technologies:…show more content…
Both methodologies conduct the same activities such as, define, gather, analyze, design, test, implement and maintain, just in different styles. Basic Project/ Development Principles The table below highlights the similarities with regards to the development principles, such as Planning, lock down of requirements and documentation. Each method varies in how it is done, but is similar in the fact that the principle is adhered to. (M. Steven Palmquist, 2013) Waterfall Principles Agile Principles Plan the work Shorter term plans contain more detail, while plans further out on the time horizon contain fewer details. Lock down requirements to prevent gold-plating and scope creep No requirements added to an iteration once it has started. New requirements are evaluated by stakeholders and prioritized, thus preventing gold-plating and scope creep. Capture all details with extensive documentation There is an overall plan. There are requirements descriptions. There are cost and schedule estimates. Building Blocks Both Agile and Waterfall models work with the same project and programmatic building blocks, such as scope, cost, schedule and…show more content…
There is a cross section of projects ranging from a few weeks to a few years. There are also a wide cross section of customers, those capable of articulating clearly their requirements and the ones that are not clear on their requirements and the overall outcome to be achieved. The level of programmers within the Information Technology Department, where development work is executed, range from intermediate to advance or above average programming competence. The Waterfall approach is easier to manage and can be utilized for projects where there are clear requirements and the project is determined to be a long term one. Also, this method may be best suited given the organization’s requirements for thorough documentation and project accountability, when it comes to budget and cost. The Agile methodology can be used for projects where the requirements as well as the expectation from the end product are not as clear. The developers that are above average in terms of their competence can also use this method. In addition, the Agile method is also best suited for the projects that would require rapid
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