Watergate: A Study of Political Corruption Essay examples

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Like many of the President’s that preceded and followed Richard Nixon, his presidency consisted of many highs and lows. Although Nixon’s first term in office played out against the contentious issue of the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, and the aftermath of the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy, his presidential legacy consists of the helm of what is widely regarded as the biggest scandal in American politics, Watergate. Despite the volatility of the times, Nixon was a president who was gifted in his vision when it came to foreign and domestic policy issues and was an individual who most people seemed to believe could lead the country. Nixon, however, seemed to not have the same faith in himself and…show more content…
Bernstein and Woodward, nicknamed “Woodstein,” are the two reporters that will forever be credited with breaking the most infamous political scandal to ever hit the United States and are largely credited with ushering in new era of accountability and transparency for elected officials. The story however did not come easily. Both Woodward and Bernstein were relatively young, unseasoned reporters with no major stories to their credit. In fact, when the initial break in at Watergate was discovered, most media outlets considered it not important and paid little or no attention to it. The editor of the Washington Post at the time, Benjamin C. Bradlee put Bernstein and Woodward in charge of the story only because he did not think much would come of it. However, Woodward and Bernstein began to see linkages between the individuals involved in the break-ins and began to delve deeper into all aspects of the break-in. The two having never worked together had to coordinate their efforts and essentially assemble a puzzle made up of fragments of information from various sources and pieces of evidence. What they found was stunning and eventually led them to breaking the case. The Watergate scandal was complex and took over two years to unravel. As the two reporters continued their investigation more

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