Watergate Complex After The Watergate

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On an ordinary morning of June 17, 1972, five burglars were caught in the Watergate complex after signs of breaking in were found on the doors. No one at that time knew this subtle crime would lead to the greatest scandal in the US history and the resignation of the current President, Richard Nixon. Evidences later showed that the Watergate Incident was only a mere part of the ugly crimes the Nixon Administration had committed to achieve their ultimate goal of reelection, and Nixon had intentionally attempted a cover up to save his reputation. The Watergate incident had inflicted a deep suspicion inside the US citizens toward the government, especially the President, because during his terms, Nixon had obstructed justice and refused to cooperate with the legislative branch.
As the presidential campaigns draw closer, Nixon abused his power and destroyed his running opponents with political “dirty tricks” and illegal approaches such as burglary, wiretapping to bring down running opponents. From the things that Nixon had done, one of them is the “Plumbers Conspiracy”. The Plumbers were originally supposed to prevent the leaks of classified documents to the media. During the election, these Plumbers got funded by CRP, the Committee for the Reelection of the President, to conduct illegal surveillance programs on Nixon’s political enemies. It was later discovered that one of the Plumber’s missions was against Daniel Ellsberg, a government official who had released the Pentagon…

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