Watergate Election Analysis

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This election portrayed an array of highs and lows for our campaign. Contrary to the belief of many, our campaign was not faulty, we did accomplish much, however, a number of inconvenient events surfaced that had made us face a series of unfortunate situations. There were times when the staff was not prepared to handle affairs that concerned this election and there were times when you were not properly informed or prepared on matters concerning this election which heavily contributed to the forlorn status of our campaign. One of the very first incidents that hindered our chance to win was when Obama publicly criticized you for not supporting the GI Bill because you said, as he stated, it was “too generous to our veterans.” Of course you are…show more content…
This extraordinary statement was made possible to say because of the hard work, sweat, and tears from our team and yourself Mr. President. Of course there were some shortcomings, but in the end only our campaign prevailed. Many of our tactics proved to be very effective during this election and they allowed us to succeed. Firstly, your decision to not accept public funding was highly scrutinized, but because you were released from this system implemented since Watergate we were able to raise hundreds of millions for our campaign and these numbers proved to be much higher than McCain's limited 80-90 million dollars. We did not have to cap our finances and so we were able to be much more active and prepare for major events. A series of events in particular that really caught the public eye was the ten day trip to Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Germany, France, and England. This trip not only portrayed you as a potential chief diplomat, but a potential commander in chief because of your presence in two war zones. This also made you the “celebrity figure,” which granted you somewhat immunity when McCain’s campaign tried to throw jabs at you for going to the gym in Germany than visiting a camp for wounded soldiers. Their antics didn’t work because the public was still in awe of
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