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Watergate Scandal Ever since the beginning of time, scandals have occurred. But one of the biggest and infamous scandals is the Watergate. Approximately forty years ago from date, a Watergate protector found a small portion of tape attached on the lock of on the National Democratic Headquarters door. Then it all began. The Watergate’s attempted break in was a part of a bigger operation by President Nixon. The rumor was Nixon’s supporters and people involved in the scandal wanted to tarnish the name of the Democratic parties. Democratic contenders were hassled and even two of National Democratic Headquarters were cracked into. When people became aware of the scandal, Nixon enclosed the issue. Even though the cover up was attempted,…show more content…
Eventually, more hours of recorded discussions were found. These tapes displayed that Nixon was even more involved in the scandal than people believed. A recorded discussion in 1972 verified that Nixon and Hardeman communicated to try to hide the conspiracy from further investigation. After the whole Watergate incident other illegal events were also revealed. For example, ‘the plumbers’, a White House assembly, were doing everything in their power to prevent media from gathering information. Most of the media though did not understand the consequences of the Watergate scandal, so they focused on reporting on other things that were related to the 1972 election. After the exposure that one of the condemned intruders wrote to Judge, the media turned its focused. The popular magazine, Time Magazine, defined Nixon as experiencing "daily hell and very little trust". Mainly everyone had a different perception of politics after this scandal, including America. "There was a widespread public perception that the political process had been thoroughly corrupted," Robert Hockett says. "Public policy seemed to be up for sale to the highest." Why reforms faltered Congress attempted to change that perception by passing laws that created a system of public financing for political campaigns. Disclosure laws were enacted to root out secret donors. Limits were placed on campaign donations and private

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