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Very few American’s over the age of 20 do not know about Watergate. They have seen the plots in movies, history books, TV shows, and Made for TV movies. Some of the media plots are real and some not so much. Contrary to popular belief “Forest Gump” was not the person to crack open Watergate [ (Groom, 1994) ]. That honor goes to a simple security guard at the Watergate Complex, Frank Wills [ (AHC, 2012) ]. Mr. Willis was making his rounds when he became aware of tape covering the locks on the doors to several different stairways. This allowed the doors to close but not lock. Mr. Wills removed the take and went on his way. Later on when Mr. Wills was once again on his rounds, he found that the tape was back. This time Wills called the…show more content…
When asked to turn over the tapes, initially the President refused, his reasoning was that the Constitutional principle of executive privilege extends to the tapes. He also stated that it could compromise National Security [ (Miller Center University of Virginia, 2003) ]. Eventually Nixon relented but after reviewing the tapes there was an 18 ½ minute gap in the recordings. President’s Nixon’s secretary, Rose Mary Woods claimed that while transcribing the tapes she had accidently hit record and recorded over five minutes of the tapes. Nevertheless, she insisted she was not responsible for the additional 12 minutes of lost information. The Notes taken during the time of the lost information showed one of the topics discussed was the arrest at the Watergate Hotel [ (Miller Center University of Virginia, 2003) ]. Nixon was the first to launch an investigation on how the tapes were erased though nothing came of it. To this day, exactly what was on the tapes is unknown and as of now cannot be recovered [ (Collins, 2003) ]. Reference AHC. (2012, July 19). Watergate Scandal Timeline. Retrieved from AHC: http://www.authentichistory.com/1961-1974/6-nixon/3-watergate/timeline/ Cam, S. (2013, November 14). What Was the Watergate Scandal? Retrieved from WiseGeek: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-was-the-watergate-scandal.htm Collins, D. (2003, July 27). Watergate Tape Gap Still A Mystery . Retrieved from CBS News:

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