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Running head: WATERGATE 1 WATERGATE DEVRY UNIVERSITY ONLINE. OCTOBER 20, 2014 WATERGATE 2 INTRODUCTION Watergate is a word that will forever be connected to the 37th President, Richard Nixon. What started out as a botched robbery at the Democratic Reelection headquarters would later become know for bringing down the Presidency. The American public would be able to see and hear firsthand what actually occurred in the Whitehouse behind closed doors, because of the national media that it created and the broadcasting of the Watergate Senate Hearings. This would bring to light the illegal activity that occurred during this time affecting many and changing politics as they were known. This paper…show more content…
Before the sentencing of McCord and Liddy, James McCord wrote a letter to Judge Sirica on March 23, 1973 in response to questions that the judge asked through a probation officer. McCord’s letter stated that the other defendants along with him received political pressure to plead guilty and remain silent, that perjury had occurred in the courtroom, and that the Watergate operation was not a CIA operation (Watergate Info, 2012). This letter would help to aide in the Senate investigation. As the investigation continued over the next month the cover up began to WATERGATE 5 unravel, Patrick Gray acting FBI Director would resign after admitting that he destroyed Watergate evidence under the direction of President Nixon himself (The History Place, 2014). On April 30, 1973 President Nixon appeared on national television to announce the resignations of his advisors Haldeman, Ehrilchman, and Attorney General Kleindienst. He also announced the dismissal of John Dean White House Counsel. This speech would become known as his first Watergate Speech in which he continued to deny having any part or knowing of the scandal and stated that if there was knowing involvement from any one associated with the White House they would be dealt with accordingly (Watergate Info, 2012). On May 17, 1973 the first Senate

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