Watergate Scandal Analysis

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Presidential scandals have occurred is this country dating all the way back to George Washington. However, not all scandals receive the utmost attention or are even remembered by the public. Watergate shined a bright light on the corruption and paranoia of Nixon, yet I do not believe it was the worst presidential scandal it just received the most attention from the media. There are countless numbers of scandals that measure up to the wrath of Watergate streaming from sex scandals, illegitimate children, and even election scandals. No matter the circumstance they make an impact on the presidency and the country for better or for worse and no scandal is worse than another. Although Watergate made a last impression on the American public and…show more content…
Both of these presidents were involved in scandals relating to illegitimate children. As discussed in class, Warren Harding and his mistress Nan Britton had a “secret love child” that was widely known as Harding’s “Niece.” Harding paid out 500 dollars a month in child support and asked Nan to burn the love letters after the affair. This affair was critiqued for years on the idea that he was unable to concieve childern, but became more believeable when in 1964, letters from another mistress were discovered, further supporting Britton. Then in 2015 DNA evidence proved Harding was the father. Due to this scandal occurring in the early 1900’s and the news being years later no one really remembers this scandal and or cares because it occurred almost 100 years ago. However, Thomas Jefferson being the father of Sally Hemmings children occurred even longer ago. This was another scandal that came out years after his death and DNA evidence in 2000 proved Jefferson was probably the father of all 6 of her children (Thomas Jefferson & Sally Hemmings Scandal). Due to this scandal occurring in the late 1700’s our society is not attached and is difficult to verify. Where this scandal grabs my attention is, not only did Jefferson have slaves, like most early presidents, but also had a relationship with a slave, which was not allowed at this time. According to the group…show more content…
Hillary Clinton may very well go on to become president and she potentially deleted thousands of emails to cover up a scandal. Although there is no way Watergate will ever be forgotten I believe it falls under the rest of the presidential scandals. Showing that there is always scandals and will continue to be scandals, it just depends how they impact the media and has an effect on the presidency and the
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