Watergate Scandal

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It was suggested that the President had tried to repair the damages that were caused the Watergate scandal in the first article. From a speech President Nixon had given, it showed that there were a lot things that still needed to be done regarding the scandal. The article stated that the officials under the Watergate scandal were cheating, lying and engaging in illegal activities while in high positions of the government. The people believed that the president did not stand up to the crisis and that he had only done the bare requirements for the situation at hand. The people stongly believed that President Nixon should have done something more to eliminate the Watergate scandal as soon as it was leaked. The article had also showed…show more content…
The Chicago Tribune’s editorial called for the impeachment of the President, and the author still believed that the President had tried his best in handling of the matter (Genovese, et. all, 2012). The scandal forced changes to the politicians that hold office by making renovations in the statehouse in the way that elections are ran and politicians run their office. The crisis ended with President Nixon being impeached and a scandal that will forever be remember in American history. Reforms were done due to the pressure of the scandal. Because of the scandal, the people demand more honesty from their constintuants. The people also require limits on the amount of money politicians can spend. The events change the general view on how the press covered politicians. From that point, the press was able to include the internal personal life of politician reviling what they had otherwise hidden from the public. It was as a result of pressure from the Chicago Tribune's editorial coverage that showed the failures and neglects from the President in his handling of the Watergate crisis that ultimately led to his resignation. In a time of social media and smartphones, coverage of the Watergate scandal could have been different because any of the information that was hidden during those that time would be easily available to the American citizens (Olson, 2003). All facets of social media would have covered the crisis

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