Watergate Scandal Essay

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Richard Nixon’s time in the White House was, without a doubt, one of the most unusual presidencies in American history. Nixon quickly took a different approach from the men that came before him; although he entered office at a trying time for the American people, he insisted that the public needed the hard facts, not inspirational speeches. However, after winning the election Nixon gave in to his advisors’ desires for an uplifting message, and promised the public that his administration would be committed to “bringing the American people together”. While Nixon rarely repeated this message, and probably never meant it, Nixon did manage to unite the American people, just not in the way his advisors intended. The covert methods and…show more content…
Once president, his disgust for the elite translated into a desire to prove that they “no longer possessed any character”. He set out to do this by doing his best to shrink the liberal government that had developed in the year’s prior and particularly rejoiced when his victim either had no idea who or how he was defeated. Unfortunately, however, the methods in which he used to bring his enemies down and to protect himself were often shady and underhanded. Perhaps the most shocking of which were the illegal activities included in the Watergate scandal. Nixon had a hand in not only selling ambassadorships; but also harassing the Democratic National Committee chairman Lawrence O’Brien, stealing files to blackmail retired presidents, and even putting spies in political groups he deemed radical. What would ultimately prove his downfall, however, would be the failed break-in attempt at the Democratic National Committee Headquarters in the Watergate complex. While Nixon may not have been aware of the specifics involved in the burglary plans, he had approved the Gemstone Plan under which the burglary was put into effect. The burglars were hired to break into the Committee’s headquarters and bug the telephones so that Nixon would be able to determine who was contributing to the Democratic campaign and punish them as he saw fit. Unfortunately for Nixon, however, a security guard noticed tape covering the locks of several of the doors within the complex and called the

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