Watergate : The Unfinished Business

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The biggest political scandal in the US yet, the Watergate scandal follows a series of events leading up to the end of the Nixon presidency. Starting with the break-in of the Democratic National Committee in 1972, and the inconsistencies in subsequent investigations set the ball rolling toward the unpleasant end of Richard Nixon’s political career. Not only did it expose the conspiracy to subvert the political process, it also paved way for a wave of political and democratic reforms in the US. In the wake of the scandal, diverse views were expressed through print media. This paper explores the opinions of two major print media: Editorial: “Watergate: The Unfinished Business” by the “Washington Post and in Defense of Richard Nixon” by Dean Burch to understand how the event was covered and how arguments made help readers understand the Watergate crisis. In defense of President Richard Nixon, his Whitehouse special assistant, Dean Burch writes to the Chicago Tribune following the Tribune’s calls for Nixon to resign the presidency. “In Defense of Richard Nixon” Burch (1973), sites the transcript in an attempt to demonstrate Nixon’s effort to uncover the Watergate scandal. According to Burch, president Nixon is caught between the need to protect those close to him as well as the republic while not trouncing the rule of law. Clearly Burch is defending Nixon’s actions following the exposure of the scandal arguing that the President’s response to the internal crisis was typical,

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