Waterloo Police Services Cims Project

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Q1. Is CIMS a good idea for WRPS? Why or why not? Waterloo Regional Police Service (WRPS) was working with seven other police services organizations on the Common Information Management Systems (CIMS) project. The main objective of CIMS project was to share information between the police services organizations to identify crime trends and to operate in an informed and proactive manner. CIMS was an extension/expansion of earlier police information systems and it was third upgrade of the systems for WRPS. The problems started from the beginning when the project started in 1998 and they were not able to identify any Vendor during the first RFP project who could satisfactorily meet stringent system integration requirements. Only one vendor…show more content…
Due to above issues, the project got delayed by several years and required a complete revamp to restart the project by clearly identifying all the issues and replan it based on that. It also requires renewed commitment from all seven Police services considering the fact that Hamilton-Wentworth region, a CIMS project member, urgently required a new equipment and system. Q2. How would you assess the management of the CIMS project so far? What has been done well, and where is there room for improvement? The project milestones were properly identified and resources were allocated from all 7 police services. However, there is no mention of validation of requirement between ITG and project team prior to producing FDS. There is also a need of user acceptance testing (UAT) when ITG starts to deliver the software for implementation to ensure that requirements are successfully met. Q3. As Chief Larry Gravill, what will you do next? Develop an implementation plan for your solution. Chief Gravill needs to appoint a project lead who can work closely with the core project team / project stake holders and ITG to replan the project and to ensure all project deliverables are properly delivered and validated and also keep track of project activities and resources to ensure there are no delays. The project requirements need to be documented in detailed using SMART approach with proper use case scenarios. The revised

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