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Watson’s Theory of Caring James Farrell University of Phoenix Health & Chronic Disease Management NUR/403 Judith McLeod September 9, 2012 Jean Watson Theory of Caring The purpose of this paper is to explore Jean Watson’s Theory of Transpersonal Human Caring, and the major concepts of Watson’s theory, including the caring moment, the carative factors, and the transpersonal caring theory itself. Then the theory will be applied to an actual nurse to patient interaction. The paper will illustrate the caring moment between the patient and nurse. Watson’s major assumptions will be further discussed in relation to person, health, environment, and…show more content…
Humanistic-altruistic system of values 2. Faith-hope 3. Sensitivity to self and others 4. Helping-trusting, human care relationship 5. Expressing positive and negative feelings 6. Creative problem-solving caring process 7. Transpersonal teaching-learning 8. Supportive, protective, and/or corrective mental, physical, societal and spiritual environment 9. Human needs assistance 10. Existential-phenomenological-spiritual forces (Watson, 1999). These factors continue to exemplify the caring model used in modern nursing. Concepts Watson theory evolved around the idea that caring is central to nursing. Her ideas have evolved around the idea that caring is central to nursing. The “caring” moment, the transpersonal relationship, and carative factors are the concepts of Watson Theory of Caring. The caring moment is the moment when caring occurs when there is exchange between the nurse and patient. “A “caring” moment – a dedicated, uninterrupted, purposeful period of time for RN’s to engage with patients/families, with a set of prescribed “caring behaviors” (Watson, 1999, p. 74). Nursing goes beyond an objective assessment and shows concern for the welfare of others. The interaction between the nurse and the patient create the caring moment. This creates a human to human transaction. The shared bond between the patient and nurse creates actions and choices that are influenced by one other in the relationship. A string of caring moments compile a

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